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Luxe Body Butter

Luxe Body Butter

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Introducing Luxe Body Butter from Bubbly Babes—an exquisite blend of nature's finest ingredients crafted for an indulgent and pampering skincare experience. Immerse yourself in the luxurious goodness of Mafura Butter, Tucuma Butter, Kpangnan Butter, and Murumuru Butter, known for their deeply nourishing properties that leave your skin feeling velvety smooth.

Enriched with the goodness of Cacay Oil, Hemp Oil, and Vitamin E, our body butter provides intense hydration and helps promote skin elasticity, leaving you with a radiant and healthy glow. The infusion of Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Green Caviar Oil contributes to a soothing and revitalizing sensation, while the carefully curated Essential Oil Blend creates an enchanting fragrance that lingers delicately on your skin.

Bubbly Babes Luxe Body Butter is meticulously handmade to ensure the highest quality and is free from harsh chemicals. Treat your skin to the ultimate indulgence and embrace the benefits of this luxurious blend, leaving you with skin that feels nourished, moisturized, and irresistibly soft. Elevate your skincare routine with the natural goodness packed into every jar of Luxe Body Butter.


Anti-Aging, Targets Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Encourages Cell Regeneration, Hydrating, Anti-Oxidant Powerhouse, Fatty Acid Overload, Rare Butters, Rich in Vitamins A + C + E Omega Fatty Acid 3 - 6- 9, Good for Psoriasis + Eczema + Joints + Muscles, Anti-Inflammatory, Healing and More. 

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