Pitch Your Personalized Order

Here’s the scoop on getting your personalized goodies:

**Custom Scents Just for You!**

Want a custom scent or a dupe of your favorite perfume? We can try to source it for you – just let us know!

**Products We Customize:**
- Velvet Body Butter
- Buttercream Body Butter
- Foaming Bath Whip
- Ass Soaps
- Body Oil

**The Fun Stuff:**
When you place your order, we'll get back to you to confirm if we have your scent in stock. If we do, you'll receive it in a day or two. If we need to order any special ingredients, we’ll email you with an ETA.

Please be patient with us – we’re working hard to ensure your experience is top-notch and that your product meets our high standards!

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